Friday, 6 April 2012

Lip Balm Stick: Innocent Cosmetic or Promotional Secret Weapon ?

Branded Lip Balm Sticks are the new company pen. 

But better. 

 Check out the following ways that lip balm packs a promo punch  from the following recent article: Promotional Lip Balm : An Innovative Way to Promote Your Business April 6 2012 Author: Steven Richards

Businesses across the globe are distributing freebies to their customers to attract them to their portals. Distributing promotional lip balm is one of the smartest ways to run a free advertising campaign.  

Gone are the days when promotional pens were famous among businessmen. Now, with the declined use of pens in the age of computers, they are now opting for innovative items like lip balms available in various flavors. 
Often, promotional pens get lost or are thrown away. In contrast, the lip balms are used on a daily basis which reminds the user about your company. In fact, opting for lip balm as a promotional item is like thinking out of the box. Distributing personalized lip balm can help you greatly in establishing your brand in the minds of the consumers. The individuals using lip balm will unknowingly promote your product to the people around the user.

  • Medicated balms can be distributed in the winters, while 
  • SPF lip balms can be offered to combat the callous summer sun. 
  • You can distribute the customized product in various flavors, styles, colors and even novelty designs that suit the requirements of your company and appeal to your clients.  

OK sign you up?

   The order for promotional lip balm can be placed via web. There are hundreds of companies across the globe which specializes in offering custom chapstick to its elite client base. You can check out their site and browse the vast product catalogue
   You can then ask for the service quotes as well to check whether or not the products are well within your budget.
    The final step would be finalizing the logos, layout advice and color suggestions as well. So, don’t waste any more time and place the order for a fabulous promotional product which is truly the best for your requirements. Read full article here.

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