Friday, 8 March 2013

Bella Bridesmaid : how to use promo lip balms

Thank goodness for Bella Bridesmaid!  

Bella Bridesmaid's fashion-forward cuts will make your bridesmaids feel stylish with a range of fabric textures and colors that flatter their figures...
    Bella Bridesmaid is a boutique whose primary goal is to carry dresses that span a broad range of fabrics, colors, price points and formality.  
   With 44 individually owned and operated franchises around the county, brides are sure to receive sincere customer service in a warm and inviting environment that helps them sort through the options to find the look that is right for their girls and their day. 

  " We use branded Promo Lip Balms to reward clients who 'check in' on Four Square or 'like' us on Facebook from their smart phones in store.  We also drop them into "swag bags" at local bridal events."

   " If one client in the bridal party checks in and receives a lip balm, they ALL want to!  The lip balm is a fun and wanted item and if one person gets it, they all want it! :)"

   "The branded lip balm tins are a more attractive promotional item to our clients than pens, bags, or a number of other more typical items."

    **What are your tips on managing orders for such a large number of franchises? 
 On my next order I will develop a form for the stores to complete with their billing and shipping addresses, contact information, quantity requested, credit card information and any timing requirements in one place. 

Bella Bridesmaid is owned & operated by mother/ daughter team, 
Erin Casey Wolf & Kathleen Casey pictured below.

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